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Dr. T featured in Daily Bruin!

In a new Daily Bruin Dr. T discusses how popular, goal driven diets may lead to adverse health effects. Dr. T states: “If you’re trying to get healthy, instead of going on a fad diet like juice cleanses or keto, a faster and more direct path to health would be adding in more fruits and […]

Congratulations, Daniel!

A few weeks ago, DiSH Grad student Daniel received the Early Graduate Research Award and the Mamie Phipps Clark Diversity Research Grant! Here is what Daniel had to say: “The Early Graduate Student Researcher Award from the APA recognizes three graduate students each year who have shown a high level of independence in conducting outstanding research […]

Dr. T at Columbia University!

A few weeks ago, Dr. T visited Columbia University to give a talk called: “Weight Stigma, Stress and Obesity” for the Columbia University Seminar on Appetitive Behavior. Dr. T got a chance to connect with Sharon Akabas, who is the director of the Masters in Human Nutrition program that Keenan Fine, DiSH Lab alum, is […]

Grad Student Ben featured in New Scientist!

In this New Scientist article titled “We remember the act of eating better than other things we do,” current work being done by Ben, Dr. Blaisdell, and Dr. T on eating and memory is featured. Check out the full article here.

Dr. T featured in LiveWell Podcast Episode “Stress Eating & Weight Stigma!”

Dr. T is featured in LiveWell podcast discussing stress eating and weight stigma. Additionally, she shares tips for creating long-lasting habits for a healthy lifestyle. You can listen now by scanning the QR code attached or by visiting

Dr. T featured in a new book called Becoming a Health Psychologist!

Dr. T is featured in a “Day in the Life of” segment in new book that has recently come out titled Becoming a Health Psychologist! Becoming a Health Psychologist talks about what is involved in being a health psychologist, what a health psychology career entails and how to reach that goal.

Dr. T and DiSH Lab to be featured in Documentary!

Over the summer a Japanese broadcasting corporation, NHK, came to UCLA to film a documentary that will be based on the origin of food. Here is a behind the scenes look of what was filmed!

DiSH Grad Student Daniel featured in Daily Bruin!

Previous research has suggested that stigma from other people is what meat eaters may fear when switching to a plant-based diet. In a new Daily Bruin article, Daniel discusses a contrasting finding. He states: “Concerns that a vegetarian diet may not taste good or may not be as healthy were the main barriers to giving […]

Congratulations, Jane!

DiSH Lab RA, Jane Tan, has been awarded the 2019-2020 UC Global Food Initiative Fellowship. Here is what Jane had to say about it, “My project is inspired by the cluster course I took during my freshman year. Previously, I am mainly interested in nutrition and eating behavior. The course introduced me to the environmental […]

Congratulations, Kiran and Jasmine!

DiSH Lab RAs Kiran Cherian and Jasmine Williams have been awarded the 2019-2020 UC Global Food Initiative Fellowship. Here’s what Jasmine had to say about it, “The Global Food Initiative Fellowship is a space for UC students to collaborate ideas to further work on individual projects, and complete research in order to reach a larger […]