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Dr. T is featured in a new NPR Life Kit episode!

Check out this NPR Life Kit episode, titled “Rethinking Weight Loss: Boost Your Body Acceptance For Better Health,” that features Dr. T! In it, she discusses her work about the harmful effects of weight stigma.

Psychosomatic 2019

We attended the American Psychosomatic Society’s 77th Annual Meeting in Vancouver at the beginning of March. Vancouver was so lovely to visit, and it was a great location for a conference. Dr. T was on the planning committee and helped organize this year’s meeting. She was part of a symposium titled, “Open Science and Psychosomatic […]

Congratulations, Charles!

One of our amazing undergraduate RAs, Charles Vatanatham, will be attending medical school this fall! He had several offers, and he has chosen to study at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. We’re incredibly proud of him and will be so sad to see him leave, but we know he’ll go on to do […]

Dr. T at UC Riverside!

A few weeks ago, Dr. T visited UC Riverside to give a talk called: “Obesity and Weight Stigma: Social-Health Consequences.” She was also reunited with Bernice Cheung, a former DiSH RA. Bernice is currently deciding between multiple grad school offers in social psych – congrats, Bernice!!

DiSH Lab at SPSP 2019! Plus, congrats to Drs. Himmelstein & Hunger!

A few weeks ago, we attended the annual Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) Convention in Portland. As always, there were quite of a few of us representing the DiSH Lab this year. Here are some highlights from the event! Second-year grad student Lauren giving a talk, titled “Subjective Social Status mediates the Relationship […]

Dr. T and Dr. Traci Mann’s research covered in this hilarious (NSFW) sketch on Samantha Bee!

A recent episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee discussed how weight stigma can affect individuals’ healthcare. It also makes a nod to Dr. T and Dr. Traci Mann’s research findings that dieting doesn’t work and can lead individuals to gain more weight. Check out the full segment here!

Daniel’s new paper in Food Quality and Preference!

DiSH grad student Daniel recently published a paper titled: “Psychometric properties of the Dietarian Identity Questionnaire among vegetarians.” Whereas an abundance of qualitative research has highlighted that vegetarianism is a form of identity, quantitative research investigating specific constructs that capture the concept of vegetarian identity is profoundly lacking. In this paper, Daniel evaluates the psychometric […]

Dr. T cited in a new article on Glamour!

An article called “I Couldn’t Get the Right Medical Care Because I’m Fat” was published this week by Glamour. It discusses the negative effects of weight stigma, including how it can affect patients’ medical care. The article also draws upon Dr. T’s recent paper in BMC Medicine, in which she and her colleagues provide a […]

Dr. T is quoted in a new article on FiveThirtyEight!

A new article published yesterday, called “How The Stigma Against Obesity Harms People‚Äôs Health,” discusses the negative effects of weight stigma. The article draws upon Dr. T’s recent paper in BMC Medicine, in which she and her colleagues provide a current overview of the weight stigma literature. Dr. T also alludes to her COBWEBS model […]

Read Daniel’s new article on vegetarianism!

DiSH grad student Daniel just wrote an article for Science Trends that was published this week. The article is titled “The Psychology of Vegetarianism.” Daniel discusses what vegetarianism entails, why people are motivated to become vegetarian, and how psychology intersects with vegetarianism. He also mentions research from his recent review paper. Congrats Daniel!