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Nicole Guest Blogs: Too young to diet?

This Guest Blog is from Nicole Praefke, one of Dr. T’s Health Psych students: While it is obvious that childhood obesity is a rising problem in the United States, it is not so obvious what approach should be taken. There are parents that put their children on strict diets, there are parents that will do […]

Haley Guest Blogs: A (mentally) healthy diet

Haley McNamara, one of Dr. T’s Health Psych students, guest blogs again!: Does your diet affect your mental health? In the scientific community, this is a difficult question to answer. Many studies on diet and nutrition rely upon notoriously inaccurate self-reporting measures. Furthermore, it is the minerals and nutrients found in food have an effect […]

Izabel Guest Blogs: Green Tea and Chocolate Have Cognitive Benefits

Izabel Khalili, one of Dr. T’s Health Psychology students, guest blogs again: The research performed by Joseph Steiner and colleagues from John Hopkins University shows that green tea and cocoa may help in the prevention of neurocognitive impairments in patients with HIV. Patients with HIV have lower levels of brain-derived neurotropic factor (BDNF), the protein which […]

Reed Guest Blogs: TED Talk on Eating and Exercise

Reed Vierra, one of Dr. T’s Health Psychology students, guest blogs again!: In this talk, AJ Jacobs, an editor at Esquire and author of “Drop Dead Healthy,” discusses the “extreme” methods he went through in order to become as healthy as possible. Many of these extreme methods include following typical medical advice that is more difficult […]

Ken Guest Blogs: Falling Can Be Fatal

This Guest Blog Post is from Ken Huang, one of Dr. T’s Health Psychology students: This New York Times article by Dr. Harley A. Rotbart, a professor and vice chairman of pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, discusses falling and the heavy consequences that falling has for the elderly. We don’t usually tend […]

Izabel Guest Blogs: Yoga for Caregivers

This Guest Blog Post is from Izabel Khalili, one of Dr. T’s Health Psychology students: When people become victims of prevalent diseases, their caregivers also become victims in a way, suddenly taking on stress and depression. According to a research done by the scientists in the University of California Los Angeles, it seems that a low-cost yoga program can improve […]

Julie Guest Blogs: Treatments for Back Pain Not Effective

This Guest Blog Post is from Julie Nam, one of Dr. T’s Health Psychology students: Epidural injections are often used to relieve back pain. However, a recent study under the guidance of Dr. Kris Radcliff found no significant differences between spine patients who had injections and the control group. Injected patients actually had less improvement than […]

Zhiqiao Guest Blogs: Mineral Diet Associated with PMS

This Guest Blog Post is from Zhiqiao Dong, one of Dr. T’s Health Psychology students: Diet and nutrition are significant factors in the overall function of the body, and dietary supplements of various minerals have become increasingly popular with consumers. This new article on a women’s health study suggests some minerals, including iron and potassium, have […]

Connie Guest Blogs: Breaking Myths on Dieting and Obesity

This Guest Blog Post is from Connie Liu, one of Dr. T’s Health Psychology students: There have been countless statements made about obesity that society has believed in, when in reality, these “facts” are merely just myths not backed up by reliable medical evidence. One myth, which you may be familiar with, is that eating […]

Brandon Guest Blogs: Consciously Unconscious

This Guest Blog Post is from Brandon Rokos, one of Dr. T’s Health Psychology students: Waking up midway through the procedure isn’t something most people think about before going under the knife. But for a small group whose senses remain active throughout the surgery, this is the reality. These patients report being able to hear the […]