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Aaron RA blogs: It’s the Little Things that Matter

We are often told that in life it is the little things that matter, and this saying applies readily to health psychology. In two studies, one conducted right here in the DiSH Lab and another one in Sweden, it was found that using negative language and stigmatizing overweight individuals was directly correlated with weight gain. […]

Marian RA blogs: You are not alone

I volunteer at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in a program called Transforming Care at Bed Side (TCAB). This last Friday I got to see some very sick patients and, although conversation wise we did not exchange too many words, I got to do little favors for them and could see in their eyes that that […]

Bernice RA Blogs: Weight stigma does not reduce obesity

As one of the top public concerns in United States, obesity draws huge attention from social media, and unfortunately, most portraits of obese people are linked with negative characteristics, such as lazy, weak willed and self-indulgent. However, some public health campaigns claim that stigmatizing obesity may encourage people to lose weight and such belief contributes […]

Ilana RA Blogs: Freshman 15?

As we are just beginning our third week of the quarter, a relevant topic to address with all the new bruins around is the dreaded “Freshman 15”. Is this weight gain something to be concerned about or is it just a myth? According to an article by Hovell and colleagues entitled, “Risk of Excess Weight […]