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Is Eating More Psychological Than Biological?

A recent article in UCLA’s Total Wellness Magazine titled “Mind Over Stomach: The Psychology of Eating,” discusses various ways that our environment influences how much we earn and drink. As it turns out, our physiological drive is not the only powerhouse controlling our stomach. Environmental, social, and perceptual factors such as music, family, and plate [...]

Newest DiSH Paper Picked Up By

Three cheers for Dr. T, her grad school advisor Traci Mann, and DiSH Lab grad student Britt Ahlstrom on their latest research spotlight in, the award-winning online news website! debunks the relationship between weight loss and health outcomes with the help of Dish Lab’s research on the long-term effects of dieting. Many people [...]

Let’s Brag on UCLA’s Healthy Dining Hall

The DiSH Lab is thrilled that UCLA is opening Bruin Plate, one of the nation’s first health-themed dining facilities. At Bruin Plate, students can find a variety of ultra nutritious “super foods” like kale, mizuna, and (MY FAVORITE) quinoa! This dining hall is not only health-focused… the menu looks amazing. On top of all that, Bruin [...]

Dr T says: “If shaming reduced obesity, there would be no fat people”

Back in December, Daniel Callahan published his piece “Obesity: Chasing an Elusive Epidemic” where he made the controversial suggestion that stigmatization of the overweight/obesity will ease the “obesity epidemic”. As you may know, the DiSH Lab strongly promotes weight acceptance, and much of our current research investigates the detrimental physical and psychological effects of exposure [...]

A Rising Star Among Us!

The Association for Psychological Science Observer just published its 2013 Rising Stars, and guess who’s on it! Dr. T discusses her research interests, her biggest influences, and even talks about her favorite publication. Check it out here.

DiSH-ing what’s up!

As the DiSH Lab finishes up it’s second full quarter here at UCLA, we have some exciting announcements: First, major props to all Dr. T’s Health Psychology students who did guest blog posts. We’ve gotten so many entries that we’ll keep posting more in the coming months. Second, WELCOME to the new DiSH Lab RAs: Allison, [...]

The DiSH Lab on UCLA Today

In the recent article “Psychology lab ponders why diets don’t work“, UCLA Today covers the DiSH Lab’s main research topics, what we are interested in studying, and where our research is headed right now.

Calorie restriction, telomeres, and the lifespan…

If you’ve taken a look at our research page, you know that the DiSH Lab has a particular interest in cellular aging, as measured by telomeres, the protective coating on the end of our DNA. There is a wealth of animal research linking calorie restriction to longer telomeres (and lifespan), and this study from Spanish [...]

Dr. T in the “spotlight”

The UCLA Department of Psychology is shining a “spotlight” on the newest faculty-member in the health area – Dr. T!  Check it out here!

Abuzz over Dr. T’s study!

Check it out here! posted a review of Dr. T’s recent paper “Chronic psychological stress and racial disparities in Body Mass Index change between black and white girls aged 10-19.” The piece gives a great summary of this important research and the inside scoop on Dr. T’s thoughts about the findings and next steps.