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Dr. T and Dr. Traci Mann’s research covered in this hilarious (NSFW) sketch on Samantha Bee!

A recent episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee discussed how weight stigma can affect individuals’ healthcare. It also makes a nod to Dr. T and Dr. Traci Mann’s research findings that dieting doesn’t work and can lead individuals to gain more weight. Check out the full segment here!

Daniel’s new paper in Food Quality and Preference!

DiSH grad student Daniel recently published a paper titled: “Psychometric properties of the Dietarian Identity Questionnaire among vegetarians.” Whereas an abundance of qualitative research has highlighted that vegetarianism is a form of identity, quantitative research investigating specific constructs that capture the concept of vegetarian identity is profoundly lacking. In this paper, Daniel evaluates the psychometric […]

Dr. T cited in a new article on Glamour!

An article called “I Couldn’t Get the Right Medical Care Because I’m Fat” was published this week by Glamour. It discusses the negative effects of weight stigma, including how it can affect patients’ medical care. The article also draws upon Dr. T’s recent paper in BMC Medicine, in which she and her colleagues provide a […]