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Dr. T’s Research Featured in Scientific American!

The article, titled “What if Doctors Stopped Prescribing Weight Loss?”, discusses the shift from weight-centric models commonly used in healthcare to an emphasis on healthier behaviors. Due to weight-loss suggestions being a prevailing recommendation by doctors, alternatively suggesting healthier behaviors is beneficial for those who commonly experience weight stigma. As the article confirms, “doctors focus […]

Dr. T Gives the 2020 UCLA Psychology Department Commencement Speech!

In her speech, Dr. T talks about her pride in all the graduates, how her parents met as students at UCLA, her research in comfort eating, and her sorrow about the Black lives lost. Also, there is a surprise guest appearance by the UCLA Scattertones. Click here to see it as well as all the […]

Daniel wins the 2020 Health Psychology prize!

In a highly powered (N = 579) study, Daniel identified barriers that uniquely predict openness to going vegetarian, and focused on anticipated vegetarian stigma. Daniel designed this study with a strong theoretical foundation based on his published theory, the Unified Model of Vegetarian Identity (Rosenfeld & Burrows, 2017). In his empirical study, he found that […]

Welcome Jordan to the DiSH Lab!

We are having a new graduate student, Jordan Parker, join us here at the DiSH Lab this year! Jordan graduated from Stanford University with a major in Psychology and worked at the School of Medicine where she studied Parkinson’s disease for 2 years. She is broadly interested in the intersections between race and physical and […]

Dr. Angela Rodriguez Featured on!

Dr. Angela Rodriguez shares her perspective on balancing work and life stress as a mother and professor. She gives insight into her way of juggling obligations in her home life and career and shares everyday examples of what balance means to her. Check out the full article here.