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Dr. T discusses the negative effects of body shaming in the Washington Post!

The article, “Body shaming yourself: How to fight the ‘pervasive sense that there’s something wrong with you’” describes the toxicity of diet culture and provides tips on how to unlearn self-shaming. Dr. T shares findings that people who experience body shaming are at a higher risk for depression and anxiety disorders. Click here to read […]

Graphic of graduate student Daniel Rosenfeld’s Talk; Why Do Meat-Eaters Expect Vegan Food To Taste So Bad?

Last week, graduate student Daniel Rosenfeld was a speaker at The University of Kent’s Animal Advocacy Conference. In his talk, Daniel explained how perceiving veganism as a threat to social norms and the status quo may lead meat-eaters to reject vegan food. Marta WroĊ„ska, who attended his talk, created a graphic depicting it (attached below)! […]