Welcome to the Dieting, Stress, and Health (DiSH) Lab!

The DiSH Lab at UCLA studies the intersection between eating, not eating (dieting), stress, and health. We study how emotions affect eating, but also how eating affects emotions. We also study how these emotion-eating links contribute to health, illness, and aging.

Our work is inherently interdisciplinary. We care about big macro factors like socioeconomic status, but we also conduct much of our work at a cellular level. Our work spans multiple disciplines, and draws knowledge from Psychology, Nutrition, Medicine, Biology, Sociology, Gerontology, and Kinesiology. We look at the entire lifespan, from childhood to death.

A major goal of the DiSH lab is to train the next generation of scholars interested in integrating disciplines to promote health. Researchers trained by the DiSH lab have gone on to Ph.D. programs in clinical, social, counseling, developmental, educational, and cognitive psychology as well as behavioral neuroscience, neuroscience, and nutrition, and public health. Other lab members have attended medical school, nursing school, and even law school. Because our lab touches on so many topics, we have had a wide range of trainees and work hard to match them with research projects that will help them achieve their graduate education goals. If you are interested in joining the DiSH Lab, please see the Opportunities page.