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The New York Times covers DiSH Lab research on weight stigma from Mary, Angela and Dr. T.! DiSH collaborator Jeff Hunger is also quoted in the article.

WBUR (Boston's NPR News Station) covers weight discrimination and mortality risk, with quotes from Dr. T. and Dr. Rebecca Puhl from the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity. Check out the article here!

Dr. T's 2014 JAMA Pediatrics paper on weight labeling and obesity has been picked up left and right:

The Los Angeles Times
Huffington Post
CBS News
The Week

The Association for Psychological Science (APS) Observer highlights Dr. T as a 2013 Rising Star!

This UCLA Today Faculty and Staff News piece "Psychology lab ponders why diets don't work" gives an overview of the DiSH Lab's current research topics, including comfort eating, weight stigma, and dieting success and failure.

Dr. T, Britt Ahlstrom, and Traci Man discuss success, failure, and reality of dieting in the real world in this Huffington Post article "Is Dieting Worth the Trouble?".


Feeling a bit stressed? Try this Progressive Muscle Relaxation audio, narrated by Psychology faculty member Annette Stanton. Check out the Audio here!


In this LIVE Huffington Post interview, DiSH Lab collaborating student Jeffrey Hunger discusses his and Dr. T's recent paper linking weight labeling during childhood with obesity in adulthood.

Watch Jeff's interview here, and visit our pubs page to read the article.

In this 8-minute mini-documentary about the interdisciplinary, collaborative efforts of Rutgers and the community to fight childhood obesity, Dr. T gets some anti-stigma ideas heard.

Watch the documentary here or click the link above to learn more.

Dr. T explains what the CRONA study is and why it's important.