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RA Guest Blog: Review of “The Science and Politics of How Nutrition Got It Wrong on Fat and Cholesterol” with Nina Teicholz

Last week, DiSH RA Emma Schopp attended a talk called “The Science and Politics of How Nutrition Got It Wrong on Fat and Cholesterol” with investigative journalist Nina Teicholz and host Dr. Aaron Blaisdell of the UCLA Psychology Department. Here’s what Emma had to say about the talk: ________ Last Wednesday, investigative journalist Nina Teicholz visited UCLA […]

Stop Using BMI to Determine Health – DiSH research featured in NPR & LA Times!

Check out the NPR Interview & LA Times articles! Last week, Dr. T, DiSH Collaborator Jeff Hunger, DiSH Lab Manager Jolene Nguyen-Cuu, and UCLA statistician Christine Wells published a really important paper in the International Journal of Obesity; as it turns out, one of the most common measures of population health, Body Mass Index (BMI), […]

One Size Does Not Fit All -The need for tailoring in obesity treatment

Researchers from the University of Sheffield once again showed that the too commonly proposed “one-size fits all” paradigm for weight-loss falls short when it comes to providing successful treatment for obesity. The authors of the study observed that obese individuals are currently all treated the same, regardless of how healthy they are, where they live, […]

Boxing up on obesity -Too much too cheap?

Recent research from the National Bureau of Economic Research investigating external forces influencing obesity has found that two particular factors that may be highly influential: Big-box stores and the proliferation of restaurants. In light of the skyrocketing obesity epidemic, much effort has been made in order to reveal some of the external and internal causes […]

An insider’s peek into the ultra elite IOM meeting on “Solving Obesity”

On January 7th the Institute of Medicine (IOM) held a roundtable discussion workshop with the topic “The current state of obesity solutions in the United States”. Among the high-level speakers was James Hamblin, the senior editor of The Atlantic, who gave a speech about the role of media in obesity. He reports back an intriguing […]

Dr T says: “If shaming reduced obesity, there would be no fat people”

Back in December, Daniel Callahan published his piece “Obesity: Chasing an Elusive Epidemic” where he made the controversial suggestion that stigmatization of the overweight/obesity will ease the “obesity epidemic”. As you may know, the DiSH Lab strongly promotes weight acceptance, and much of our current research investigates the detrimental physical and psychological effects of exposure […]

Is Dieting Worth the Trouble?

Just posted today, Dr. T collaborated with Britt Ahlstrom and Traci Mann on this article in the Huffington Post, “Is Dieting Worth the Trouble?” Their op-ed piece talks about the failure of the recent large dieting study, and what it exactly means for a diet to “succeed” or “fail.”

New formula for weight loss – losing it is twice as hard

Dr. Kevin Hall presented new findings indicating that the mathematical formula that the US government uses to calculate weight loss doesn’t account for a slow-down in your metabolism. It looks like weight loss is harder than we initially thought. Click here for the paper that describes the new, adjusted guidelines.

Diet books dumped outside of UK Parliament

In a movement called Ditching Dieting, last month protesters dumped hundreds of dieting books into a toxic waste bin outside the United Kingdom parliament. It’s related with an ongoing parliamentary inquiry into body image in the UK. Here is the Washington Post’s coverage of the story, and you can find information on Ditching Dieting here.

Mystery Meat, Tater Tots, and Pizza! Oh My!

Mystery meat, tater tots, pizza, chicken nuggets, and french fries…sound like a familiar menu?  If this rings a bell, you may be no stranger to the standard lunch offered in a typical American school cafeteria.  Potato-rich and nutritionally-poor, these meals continue to be a great source of debate among government officials, nutritionists, and parents, especially […]