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Jane to attend Yale for Graduate School!

In the DiSH Lab, Jane worked on the LOOSE study and conducted her food studies minor capstone project with Dr. T as a mentor. Jane described joining the DiSH Lab as “one of the best decisions I made in college,” because she gained valuable research and leadership skills, as well as discovered her interest in […]

Dr. T discusses weight-loss ads and body shaming on USA Today!

In the article, “Weight-loss businesses face a dilemma: Would encouraging Americans to lose weight be a form of body shaming?,” several authors discuss their views on Pinterest’s recent ban of weight-loss ads. Dr. Tomiyama notes that while this is a step in the right direction, the ban doesn’t go far enough, as influencers likely play […]

Dr. T shares her expertise on body image and negative self-talk in the Washington Post!

The Washington Post article “Do you put yourself down? Here’s how to treat yourself with kindness,” describes how widespread negative self-talk is today, with input from various researchers on how to subside it. Dr. T shares the finding that those with more negative body images tend to also have higher anti-fat attitudes. Click here to […]