Dr. T’s Talk at APA 2015!

by Erin

This past Thursday, Dr. T traveled to Toronto to give a talk about the psychological, behavioral, and health consequences of weight stigma at the annual American Psychological Association Convention. Dr. T’s talk covered her “vicious-cycle” model of weight stigma, known as the cyclic obesity/weight-based stigma (COBWEBS) model, as well as results from two recently-published papers about […]

What you didn’t know you learned in college -The order effect of marriage and education

by Emilie

Ample research has indicated a positive relationship between weight gain and marriage, as well as a negative relationship between obesity and the earning of a college degree. However, findings from a recent study add a puzzling contribution to the proposed effect of these factors; it indicates that the order in which people go about college […]

Exercisers have the upper hand, regardless of body size

by Emilie

One of the many things we look at here in the DiSH lab is how health can come in many different sizes and several of our studies emphasize the importance of understanding that weight is not a good indicator of health. Results from a recent study conducted at the University of Cambridge mirror this paradigm. […]

Get a restaurant-worthy meal at the dorm cafeteria at UCLA!

by Emilie

UCLA has consistently been ranked top in the nation for best dorm food, and it isn’t hard to understand why as the recipes UCLA create for students look and taste more like food from a trendy restaurant than from a college cafeteria. The recipes are inspired by international cuisines and include healthy ingredients like spelt, […]

Misperceptions about children’s weight (and what to do about it!)

by Emilie

As you may know, Dr. T was featured in Larry Mantle’s KPCC Air Talk last week where she discussed the issue of parent’s misperceptions of their children’s weight and what parents can do in order to improve their children’s health habits. If the thought-provoking interview intrigued you, here is some more information about the NYU […]

DiSH lab presenting at the 15th Annual Stanford Undergraduate Psychology Conference!

by Emilie

This past Saturday, Jolene, Megan, and Erin gave a presentation at the 15th Annual Stanford Undergraduate Psychology Conference. Out of almost 300 abstracts, they were selected to give a talk on our roommate dieting study, and here’s what they have to say about their experience: “Giving a talk at Stanford University on Saturday was absolutely […]

Patricia presenting at UCLA Science Poster Day!

by Emilie

Another great accomplishment from one of our DiSH lab RAs; Patricia did an awesome job presenting her poster at UCLA’s Science Poster Day, and was even nominated for the Dean’s Prize Award for outstanding research! UCLA Science Poster Day is an event sponsored by the Undergraduate Science Journal, where undergraduate students at UCLA who are […]

Listen to Dr.T’s KPCC Air Talk!

by Emilie

If you weren’t able to listen to Dr.T’s great talk about parents’ misperception of kids’ body size, and how to talk to children about weight, on KPCC’s Air Talk with Larry Mantle yesterday, here is the link!!  You do not want to miss this! http://www.scpr.org/programs/airtalk/2015/05/13/42832/how-to-talk-to-children-about-weight/

Dr. T on the radio today!

by Emilie

Dr. T will be on KPCC’s Air Talk with Larry Mantle today, at around 11:40 am (on 89.3 in the Southern California area, kpcc.org for everywhere else)! Tune in to catch her talk with Larry about parents’ misperception of kids’ body size. We’ll post a link to the interview later, in case you miss it. […]

DiSH lab presenting at PURC!

by Emilie

So proud of our two research assistants, Bernice and Diana, who did such an awesome job presenting their posters at the Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference (PURC) last Friday! Laura Finch, one of the graduate students in the DiSH lab, also did a fabulous job mentoring them both.      Diana in front of her poster Bernice […]