Bernice RA Blogs: Weight stigma does not reduce obesity

by Jolene

As one of the top public concerns in United States, obesity draws huge attention from social media, and unfortunately, most portraits of obese people are linked with negative characteristics, such as lazy, weak willed and self-indulgent. However, some public health campaigns claim that stigmatizing obesity may encourage people to lose weight and such belief contributes [...]

Ilana RA Blogs: Freshman 15?

by Jolene

As we are just beginning our third week of the quarter, a relevant topic to address with all the new bruins around is the dreaded “Freshman 15”. Is this weight gain something to be concerned about or is it just a myth? According to an article by Hovell and colleagues entitled, “Risk of Excess Weight [...]

Another Day, Another Paper!

by Jolene

Dr. T’s latest paper, Weight Bias in 2001 versus 2013: Contradictory Attitudes Among Obesity Researchers and Health Professionals, just got published in the Obesity Journal! This study indicates that weight stigma is still widespread today. However, there’s hope for the future, as some forms of weight bias have declined since 2001. Be sure to check it out, along with [...]

It’s Weight Stigma Awareness Week!

by Jolene

According to the Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA), weight stigma is “what a person experiences when weight bias is internalized as being ‘deserved’.  This occurs frequently today, resulting in larger people feeling shame, anxiety, depression, and self-hatred. These diminish a person’s body esteem and motivation for self-care.”  That being said, weight stigma is a highly prevalent and [...]

Best Comfort Foods — What’s Yours?

by Jolene

Comfort food? Again? Yup! Seeing how everyone is guilty of using food for comfort, it should come to no surprise that the DiSH Lab is very interested on how comfort eating may affect your stress and health. This is especially the case when we have recently found out that comfort eating can actually be comforting! As [...]

Meet the Interns

by Jolene

Did you know that the DiSH Lab family got a little bigger? This summer, we were happy to welcome 3 wonderful interns from YULA High School. Currently enrolled in a two-year STEM program, the students were required to have volunteer experience working in a lab, and the DiSH Lab is honored that they chose us! [...]

Already Missing Our 2014 Graduates

by Jolene

Wow, how time flies! We can’t believe it’s already been one month since our amazing DiSH Labbers graduated from UCLA. It seems like just yesterday that Megan, Rishi, Victor, and Ryan walked the stage and received their diplomas from the UCLA Department of Psychology–and took beautiful pictures with Dr. T (see below). But since we [...]

Dr. T on Comfort Eating

by Jolene

We are all guilty of using food for comfort at one time or another. But does comfort eating actually work? Amazingly, it really does! In the words of Dr. T: “Comfort-eating rats showed dampened biological stress reactivity in a stress system called the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) axis. Sustained over-activity of the HPA axis is associated with [...]

Special Shoutout to Kate Sweeny!

by Jolene

Kate has made unique and important contributions to the theoretical and scientific merging of social personality psychology and health psychology.  Her research focuses on threat management – that is, how people give news of, prepare for, and respond to negative life events.  Her research on uncertainty navigation processes has produced critical theoretical and empirical insights into the [...]

Angela at #APS14SF

by Elaine

What is DiSH lab doing this weekend? Some of our team traveled north to San Francisco, CA to attend the Association for Psychological Sciences 26th Annual Convention. As part of a fun foodie symposium focused on challenging lay theories about eating, Angela C. Incollingo Belsky gave a talk titled Profiling personalities of long-term calorie restrictions: Why dieting may [...]