Mystery Meat, Tater Tots, and Pizza! Oh My!

by sonia

Mystery meat, tater tots, pizza, chicken nuggets, and french fries…sound like a familiar menu?  If this rings a bell, you may be no stranger to the standard lunch offered in a typical American school cafeteria.  Potato-rich and nutritionally-poor, these meals continue to be a great source of debate among government officials, nutritionists, and parents, especially given the rising rate of obesity.  In fact, our government is proposing changes to the $11 billion school-lunch program in hopes to reduce childhood obesity.  According to our government, 40 percent of the daily calories consumed by children happens during school lunch periods, so it is no surprise that a third of American children are obese or overweight.  While serving fresh fruits and vegetables seems like a logical answer, some argue that lunch prices would rise only to leave children with meals they simply will not eat.  If you think you have the solution, or would just like to learn more about the issue, click here…


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