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Boxing up on obesity -Too much too cheap?

Recent research from the National Bureau of Economic Research investigating external forces influencing obesity has found that two particular factors that may be highly influential: Big-box stores and the proliferation of restaurants. In light of the skyrocketing obesity epidemic, much effort has been made in order to reveal some of the external and internal causes […]

Dr.T co-chairing the 2015 SPHN Preconference!

Another successful event for Dr. T; she was the co-chair of the 2015 Social Personality Health Network (SPHN) Preconference today! The SPHN presented the 7th Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) Preconference, and topics that were discussed included socioeconomic and racial health disparities, stress, psychoneuroendocrinology, behavior change, meditation, body image, doctor-patient communication, sleep, and Big Data. Additionally, […]

The error in the “eat less, move more” paradigm

The alarming rates of obesity have brought huge attention to trying to find effective treatments for this major public health issue. As you may know, much of the current research here in the DiSH lab investigates the implications of weight stigma on health, as there seem to be widespread misconceptions regarding the causes of obesity, […]

Traci Mann is soon out with “Secrets from the Eating Lab”!

Dr. Traci Mann’s book, Secrets from the Eating Lab: the science of weight loss, the myth of willpower, and why you should never diet again, is finally available for pre-order and is hitting the shelves in April! Being Dr. T’s graduate advisor, the book is full of DiSH relevant research and is going to be […]

Another paper from Dr. T!

More great news here in the DiSH lab! Dr. T’s paper, written in collaboration with Dr. Lowry, on evaluating the effectiveness of BodPod in individuals at the lower end of the BMI distribution, just got published in the PLOS ONE journal! The BodPod is a neat device that lets you estimate body fat percentage. But is […]

Dr. T featured in U magazine!

Our very own Dr. T, along with Dr. McCurdy, staff psychologist with the UCLA Eating Disorders Program,  were featured today in UCLA’s Health magazine! They discussed the role of psychology in obesity, in particular the implications of stigma and prejudice towards overweight people. What’s the relationship between who we think are unhealthy and who actually are […]