Best Comfort Foods — What’s Yours?

Comfort food? Again? Yup! Seeing how everyone is guilty of using food for comfort, it should come to no surprise that the DiSH Lab is very interested on how comfort eating may affect your stress and health. This is especially the case when we have recently found out that comfort eating can actually be comforting!

As Dr. T states in a recent blog post:

The science of comfort eating, however, indicates that we may be engaging in this behavior for very good reasons, and that eating that brownie might mitigate the negative health effects of stress hormones—which may be even more harmful in the long-term than a few extra calories.

So, maybe we shouldn’t feel so guilty after all! But while Dr. T and the DiSH Lab team are currently working to get you more information on comfort food and possibly shift the current stance on stress eating, we present to you a fun list of what Buzzfeed considers The 29 Best Comfort Foods on the Planet. Did your favorite comfort foods make the list? If not, you may want to try some of these and see if it works!