• Dr. T receives the Jane B Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Appreciation & Recognition Award!

    Dr. T has been awarded the Jane B Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Appreciation & Recognition Award. This award recognizes UCLA community members who support the Semel Healthy Campus Initiative in their efforts to improve the physical, mental, and social well-being of the UCLA community. Congratulations, Dr. T!

  • Dr. T receives the Fellowship of the American Psychosomatic Society!

    Dr. T was recently awarded the Fellowship in the American Psychosomatic Society at the 2022 annual meeting. This fellowship recognizes excellence in scholarship and/or professional contributions to psychosomatic science and commitment to the American Psychosomatic Society in members who are mid-career and beyond. Congrats, Dr. T!

  • Recent Paper Featured in UCLA Newsroom!

    Dr. T recently collaborated on a paper titled “Wearable aptamer-field-effect transistor sensing system for noninvasive cortisol monitoring,” where researchers developed a smart watch that noninvasely and accurately assesses cortisol levels found in sweat. This paper was published in Science Advances and was recently highlighted in UCLA newsroom, where the device was described as “opening new…

  • Dr. T is elected to the Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research!

    Dr. T was recently elected to the Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research, which is reserved for those whose research lies at the intersection of behavior and medicine. Additionally, only those with national and international behavioral medicine research excellence are elected to this society. Congrats, Dr. T!

  • What a College Professor Does in a Workday!

    Have you ever wondered what Dr. T does in a typical day? The Washington Post’s Lily documented her workday as a UCLA professor in this piece. Click here to read the full article!

  • Intersections of Weight Stigma, Mental Wellbeing & Health Disparities: Considerations for Policymakers Webinar

    Dr. Tomiyama will be presenting at an open congressional briefing next Tuesday, October 26, 2021 from 12:30-1:30pm EDT. She will be discussing negative consequences of weight stigma and suggesting ways to reduce it through the Reclaim Your Wellness campaign. All are welcome, and you can register for free at this link!

  • Dr. Tomiyama’s research featured in Popular Science article!

    In the recent article, “Why most diets don’t work—and what to try instead,” various research findings are discussed, which indicate that dieting rarely results in long-term weight loss. Dr. T discusses her research on dieting, noting that weight is extremely difficult to control, as there are “thousands of forces conspiring to keep that weight on…

  • Dr. T discusses the harmful effects of weight stigma on the Science Vs podcast!

    In a recent episode of the Science Vs podcast, experts dispute the validity of the B.M.I. scale as a measure and predictor of health, as not all overweight or obese people experience associated health issues. Dr. T describes another mechanism that has been shown to be associated with health issues – weight stigma experiences. She…

  • Jane to attend Yale for Graduate School!

    In the DiSH Lab, Jane worked on the LOOSE study and conducted her food studies minor capstone project with Dr. T as a mentor. Jane described joining the DiSH Lab as “one of the best decisions I made in college,” because she gained valuable research and leadership skills, as well as discovered her interest in…

  • Dr. T discusses weight-loss ads and body shaming on USA Today!

    In the article, “Weight-loss businesses face a dilemma: Would encouraging Americans to lose weight be a form of body shaming?,” several authors discuss their views on Pinterest’s recent ban of weight-loss ads. Dr. Tomiyama notes that while this is a step in the right direction, the ban doesn’t go far enough, as influencers likely play…

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