• Dr. T shares her expertise on body image and negative self-talk in the Washington Post!

    The Washington Post article “Do you put yourself down? Here’s how to treat yourself with kindness,” describes how widespread negative self-talk is today, with input from various researchers on how to subside it. Dr. T shares the finding that those with more negative body images tend to also have higher anti-fat attitudes. Click here to…

  • Dr. T discusses the negative effects of body shaming in the Washington Post!

    The article, “Body shaming yourself: How to fight the ‘pervasive sense that there’s something wrong with you’” describes the toxicity of diet culture and provides tips on how to unlearn self-shaming. Dr. T shares findings that people who experience body shaming are at a higher risk for depression and anxiety disorders. Click here to read…

  • Graphic of graduate student Daniel Rosenfeld’s Talk; Why Do Meat-Eaters Expect Vegan Food To Taste So Bad?

    Last week, graduate student Daniel Rosenfeld was a speaker at The University of Kent’s Animal Advocacy Conference. In his talk, Daniel explained how perceiving veganism as a threat to social norms and the status quo may lead meat-eaters to reject vegan food. Marta Wrońska, who attended his talk, created a graphic depicting it (attached below)!

  • DiSH Lab grad student Daniel Rosenfeld receives the Bertram Raven Award!

    Daniel received this award for his recent paper, Psychological science in the wake of COVID-19: Social, methodological, and meta-scientific considerations. In this study, Daniel et al. discuss how conducting research in the pandemic may help to strengthen theory and inform important real-world issues surrounding intergroup relations, gender, morality, and more. The Bertram Raven Award honors an exceptionally meritorious…

  • Dr. Tomiyama receives the Life Sciences Excellence in Promotion of Diversity & Inclusion Faculty Award!

    Dr. T received this award today during the virtual celebration of Excellence in Life Sciences due to inclusive excellence, educational innovation, and world-class research in Life Sciences at UCLA, despite an incredibly challenging year. Congrats, Dr. T!

  • DiSH Lab RA David Figueroa wins the Dean’s Prize for Excellence in Research!

    David has been in the DiSH lab since his sophomore year and recently presented his research at the Undergraduate Research Week at UCLA. He worked on a project with grad student Lauren Hofschneider, which investigated how selfish tendencies are magnified by differences in status and limited resources. Their research aimed to understand why some people…

  • Dr. Tomiyama shares her expertise in recent New York Times article!

    The New York Times article “Is B.M.I. a scam?” focuses on the flaws associated with the B.M.I. scale as a health index. Dr. Tomiyama argues that blood glucose, triglyceride and blood pressure results are better indices of one’s health as well as how we feel. Click here to read more in the article!

  • Former Research Assistant Grace Li Commits to University of Texas, Austin!

    Grace was a research assistant for the DiSH lab where she participated in two studies, Soupbowl and LOOSE. She recently committed to the Special Education Master’s program at UT Austin, which will prepare her to work with individuals with developmental disabilities and autism in the future. Thank you for your work in the DiSH Lab…

  • DiSH lab alumna Emma Schopp to Attend Johns Hopkins for Grad School!

    DiSH lab alumna Emma recently matched with the Johns Hopkins University/National Institutes of Health Genetic Counseling Training Program! Emma was part of the DiSH Lab from 2016-2018. As a study coordinator, she helped lead several projects and gained valuable research and leadership skills that she has continued to use in her career. Since leaving the DiSH…

  • Tamara Torosyan to Attend CSULA for Graduate School!

    In the DiSH Lab, Tamara worked as a research assistant for the LOOSE Study in which she obtained anthropometric measurements of participants through hair cortisol samples. She recently committed to the Masters of Science in School-Based Family Counseling Program at CSULA, which combines Marriage and Family Therapy, Pupil Personnel Services credential and an Advanced Authorization…

February 2024