Congratulations, Diane!

We’re so proud of Diane Dallal, one of our incredible DiSH Research Assistants, who just accepted an offer of admission to Drexel University’s Clinical Psychology program!

Find out what Diane had to say here:

“I feel so lucky to be pursuing graduate study in overeating and obesity at Drexel University’s clinical psychology program this fall. To me, the most exciting thing about the program is that I get to join an extremely passionate and productive research team, under Dr. Evan Forman’s mentorship, whose collective goal centers around developing and disseminating innovative treatments for unhealthy eating behaviors. Drexel is an amazing fit for me, and  I could not be more thrilled to undergo graduate training at such a powerhouse for eating-related research. I’m so thankful for all I learned in the DiSH Lab and at UCLA that led me here!”

We’re so happy for you, Diane, and we can’t wait to see how you’ll shine in graduate school!