Congratulations, Emilie!

One of our amazing former RAs, Emilie Komnaes, just got accepted to the London School of Economics and Political Science’s Master’s program in Organizational and Social Psychology!

“From being a psychology major at UCLA I have learned a lot about the variety factors that go into making human beings who they are, and I found that it was especially the nature of human motivation and decision-making that fascinated me. This interest led me to organizational and social psychology, and what I enjoy so much about this program of study is the emphasis it places on the interaction between the person and the structure. As everyone in the DiSH Lab knows, human life never takes place in a vacuum, and I believe it is extremely important to look beyond just the individual when trying to understand human behavior,” Emilie says.

Throughout her time in the DiSH Lab, Emilie skillfully ran participants through one of our most complicated study protocols, and she also coordinated all of our social media accounts. We’ll miss having her around the lab, but we couldn’t be prouder of her accomplishments!

“Working in the DiSH lab was a great experience for me. In addition to the valuable research experience I got, I also received a lot of support and guidance in the graduate school application process. Although I miss working there, I am really excited about applying all the great knowledge I have gained about health psychology to organizational research!”

Best of luck to you, Emilie!

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