Congratulations, Megan!

Megan Tan, a former DiSH RA, will be attending a Doctorate program for Physical Therapy this Fall! She had several offers, and has chosen to attend George Washington University to pursue her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Here’s what she had to say: “I’m excited to announce that I will be attending George Washington University this fall to pursue my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I learned so much during my two years as an RA in the DiSH Lab. I am so grateful for the support I received from Dr. T and my mentors, Jenna and Jolene. I feel so lucky to have been surrounded by intelligent, curious and positive individuals throughout my time in the lab. I took 2 gap years to work in health consulting, but am very excited to get back to the clinical side of healthcare. Along with treating patients, I hope to utilize the skills I learned in lab and conduct research related to diet, stress and musculoskeletal diseases. UCLA has given me so many opportunities, and the DiSH Lab is definitely one I’ll never forget!”

Congratulations again, Megan!