DiSH Lab at SPSP 2019! Plus, congrats to Drs. Himmelstein & Hunger!

A few weeks ago, we attended the annual Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) Convention in Portland. As always, there were quite of a few of us representing the DiSH Lab this year. Here are some highlights from the event!

Second-year grad student Lauren giving a talk, titled “Subjective Social Status mediates the Relationship between Cumulative Disadvantage in Stress Induced Eating Behaviors”
Dr. T giving a talk, titled “Emotional and Health Consequences of Weight Stigma”
From left to right: Erin Standen (former DiSH Lab manager!), Dr. T, & Jeff

Drs. Mary Himmelstein & Jeff Hunger co-chaired a symposium called, “Stigma and Health Across Analysis Levels: Advances and Methodological Considerations.” They both also recently accepted job offers as assistant professors! Dr. Himmelstein will be joining the department at Kent State University, and Dr. Hunger will be joining the department at Miami University in Ohio. Congratulations to them both!

DiSH collaborator Dr. Mary Himmelstein giving a talk, titled “Turning Inward: Weight Bias Internalization and Health Across Diverse Samples”
Postdoc Dr. Jeff Hunger giving a talk, titled “Diversifying Methodological Approaches to Studying Interpersonal Stigma and Health”
First-year grad student Daniel presenting a poster titled, “Why Some Choose the Vegetarian Option: Are All Ethical Motivations the Same?