DiSH RAs representing at UCLA’s Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference!

This past Friday, UCLA hosted its 25th annual Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference, and three of our DiSH Lab Research Assistants – Cristina, Brandon, and Kevin – presented posters!

Check out what they had to say about their experience here:

Cristina González
Poster Title: Are Food Addiction and Alcohol Abuse Two Branches of Pathology from the Same Vulnerable Tree?

“This year was my first time participating at PURC. It was nice to what other students are interested in and the work that they are involved with. The environment was really supportive and overall a great first experience presenting a poster!”

Here's Cristina presenting her poster!

Here’s Cristina presenting her poster!

Brandon Chao & Kevin Dong 
Poster Title: The Effects of Healthy and Unhealthy Comfort Eating on Self-Efficacy


“I had a lot of fun at PURC, what more can I say? 🙂 With our study “The Effects of Comfort Eating on Self-Efficacy,” Kevin Dong and I had the opportunity to share our findings (with the help of our amazing graduate student Laura Finch) to others and discuss its implications. It was really cool to come across fellow researchers who were studying the same questions as we were and just talk about our studies. This collaborative element was certainly one of my favorite parts of the entire event; we were so into discussing our conclusions that we didn’t notice our one-hour slot was already almost over. By its end, PURC really made me realize and appreciate all of the work that others put into their own projects and the exciting prospect that comes with sharing whatever we may find with like-minded individuals. For those interested in participating in another event like this, I would highly recommend it!”

Brandon presenting his poster.

Brandon presenting his poster.


“I really enjoyed my time at PURC. It was great being in an environment where everyone was excited about research. I shared our findings with many undergraduates and graduate students from different fields of psychology as well as with members from another food lab that came up from UCSD! The process of preparing for PURC was eye-opening as it brought what we do in the lab everyday into perspective. I highly recommend presenting at these conferences as it really makes you think and analyze the research on a much deeper level. Shoutout to Laura for helping us and guiding us along the way!”

Kevin presenting his poster.

 Kevin presenting his poster.
We’re so proud of you all for participating in PURC – the applicant pool was competitive this year, and you all represented us so well!


kev group
Kevin explaining his poster to an interested group of PURC attendees!