Former DiSH Lab Member Nancy Gomez to Attend University of Washington!

Former DiSH Lab Summer Intensive student, Nancy Gomez, was selected as part of the first cohort of the NSF-funded summer intensive program for community college students in 2016. The program’s curriculum, graduate students, and Dr. Tomiyama all had a great impact in encouraging her to apply graduate school. While at UCLA, Nancy became an RA for the DiSH Lab and primarily worked with Dr. Tomiyama on her senior thesis on the effects of body size, positive messages, and social comparisons on body image and antifat attitudes. Recently, Nancy committed to the Quantitative Psychology Ph.D. Program at the University of Washington where she will focus on developing new latent class and mixture models and approaches to answering psychology research questions. In the near future, Nancy would like to become a faculty at a university to continue her work on latent class models and mentor underrepresented students in statistical techniques, data analysis, and coding. Congratulations, Nancy!