Patricia presenting at UCLA Science Poster Day!

Another great accomplishment from one of our DiSH lab RAs; Patricia did an awesome job presenting her poster at UCLA’s Science Poster Day, and was even nominated for the Dean’s Prize Award for outstanding research! UCLA Science Poster Day is an event sponsored by the Undergraduate Science Journal, where undergraduate students at UCLA who are conducting research in the sciences, can present their work.



Patricia and graduate student, Jenna Cummings, who was Patricia’s mentor, at SPD

Her poster looked wonderful and here is what she had to say about the experience:

“It was my very first poster presentation and I learned so much from this experience! Turning my research paper into a poster has taught me to find ways to make research interesting and presentable to a larger audience. By presenting my research to unfamiliar audience and other researchers, I received so many inputs I had never thought of before and was intrigued to ask more questions and do further research. Though wasn’t awarded the Dean’s Prize Award, I was more than honored just to be selected as a nominee out of the 500 presenters. Just to give you a little background info on what I presented: We examined the correlation between one’s propensity towards eating with that towards drinking alcohol, using the Dutch Eating Behavior Questionnaire (DEBQ) and the Alcohol Expectancy Questionnaire (AEQ) to assess the two variables. We found significant positive correlations between the subscales, showing that the psychological mechanisms behind eating and drinking were similar! It makes me wonder if this might be one of the reasons why overeating and binge drinking are two of the most common problems among college students.”

This summer Patricia will be interning at the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University, which is supervised by Dr. Brian Wansink, the author of “Mindless Eating” and “Slim by Design”! We’re sure the internship will be super interesting and that she will do an amazing job, as she always does!

Good job Patricia!!