UCLA Grad Slam 2018: Jenna is a semi-finalist!

Grad Slam is a campus-wide competition that showcases the research of graduate students across several disciplines. In a short, clear, and engaging way students present on their research to those inside and outside the academic community.

Here’s what Jenna had to say about her experience thus far: “As we know from psychology research, public speaking can pretty reliably start up our stress response. I decided to compete in Grad Slam to build my confidence and skills in public speaking. I also really wanted to challenge myself to communicate my research to people outside of my field of study. This is really crucial skill-building for any psychologist who wants their research to have a broader impact! The experience has been equal parts challenging and rewarding, and one of the most rewarding parts has been connecting with other graduate students who study all sorts of amazing things all over UCLA’s campus.”

We’re so proud of Jenna and hope she will move forward in the competition as a finalist!