UCLA Undergraduate Research Week 2018!

UCLA’s annual Undergraduate Research Week began on Monday, May 21, and will continue until Friday, May 25. We had several of our amazing undergraduate research assistants present their own posters at Research Poster Day yesterday. We are so proud of them for all their hard work and for engaging in scientific dissemination.

Trung and Carney, who work with Dr. Laura Finch, presented a poster titled: “How Do Demographic Factors Relate to Expectations about Comfort Eating?”

Emma and Tanvi, who work with Dr. Jenna Cummings, presented a poster titled: “An allele regulating the endogenous opioid system does not correlate with reward-related eating”

Sara and Bett, who also work with Dr. Jenna Cummings, presented a poster titled: “Do Natural Pleasures Reduce Health-Compromising Behaviors?”

Nancy (not pictured), who works with Dr. T, presented a poster titled: “Mass Media and the Imperfect Mirror of Body Image: The Media’s Role in Promoting Positive Body Image”

Congrats to everyone who presented! We love that every year we have so many students who want to conduct independent projects and share their findings.