Yoga and Meditation in the DiSH Lab!

Last Thursday, Angela led a yoga and meditation class for her research assistants! It was a great activity to help lower everyone’s stress during midterm season. Here’s what some of her RAs had to say about the experience!

“I really enjoyed the yoga class because it enabled me to relax and focus on the present. I think it is super important to take a break from our busy lives and be in the moment. Also, I loved how encouraging and understanding Angela was of our capabilities. Doing yoga was a challenging, but extremely rewarding experience!”

-Marisa LoBuglio

“To whoever thinks practicing yoga is solely a relaxed, soft form of meditative exercise: I am STILL sore from Angela’s yoga class that I attended last Thursday! The workout she designed for us hit all of our self-proclaimed tensions spots – the low back, shoulders, hamstrings, and hips – the perfect way to release the physical stress that we all have been putting our bodies through during the midterms season. It was amazing to see Angela in her element – away from her desk and research, showing us how to move and bend our bodies into poses that we never thought we were strong enough or flexible enough to do. I guess that’s what yoga teaches you – to trust your body, your strength, and your ability to overcome boundaries that you never imagined you physically could. Thank you, Angela, for sharing your passion with us. I cannot wait for more yoga sessions in the future!”

– Megan White

“I enjoyed the meditation. I felt so relaxed after the short practice. I would like to learn more about mediation so I could perform it during my leisure time.”

-Jefferson Choi

“I have never done meditation before so at first it was a little hard to get the breathing exercises right, but then when I got the hang of it I could feel myself calming completely down. Since we did it during midterms week I came in all tense and preoccupied, but the meditation definitely made me get rid of some of the junk in my head and I felt like I left with a cleaner mind. This is something that I definitely want to keep doing to relieve some stress and I’m so happy Angela taught us!”

-Emilie Komnaes