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Daniel Featured in PsyPost Article!

Graduate student Daniel Rosenfeld was featured in an article posted by PsyPost titled “COVID-19 pandemic may have increased preferences for traditional gender roles.” The article suggests that the pandemic is linked to a shift toward social conservatism and increases in support for traditional gender roles. As Daniel’s research explains, the tensions of the pandemic have […]

Daniel Rosenfeld and Ben Seitz Discuss Life After COVID in New Daily Bruin Article!

DiSH Lab graduate students Daniel Rosenfeld and Benjamin Seitz were featured in a new Daily Bruin article, giving insight on current health impacts of the virus and predicting long-term impacts that we might experience in the ‘post-pandemic society’. Some of these predictions include: disgust and fear toward touching people and objects, decreases in birth rates […]

It’s Weight Stigma Awareness Week!

Throughout September 28 – October 2, the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) advocates for a better understanding of eating disorders, weight discrimination, and why “weight stigma should matter to everyone”. NEDA’s End Weight Hate campaign also calls for an end to discrimination based on body size and encourages a community-wide effort to eliminate the stigma. […]

Love Your Bod Pod Interviews Dr. T!

On this episode of Love Your Bod Pod, Dr. T and podcast host Cara Carin Cifelli discuss why keeping off weight and dieting are so challenging in the midst of the “obesity epidemic”. Dr. T also touches on the science behind keeping off weight, weight stigma, stress eating, and alternatives to dieting. Find the podcast […]

Kiran Cherian got accepted to Columbia University!

Kiran shares, “I’m excited to begin my Master of Education degree program in Mental Health Counseling at Teachers College, Columbia University this fall! I chose this program because it includes both practitioner preparation and research opportunities. I’ve gained great research experience during my time in the DiSH Lab, and I will surely be able to […]

Dr. T’s Research Featured in Scientific American!

The article, titled “What if Doctors Stopped Prescribing Weight Loss?”, discusses the shift from weight-centric models commonly used in healthcare to an emphasis on healthier behaviors. Due to weight-loss suggestions being a prevailing recommendation by doctors, alternatively suggesting healthier behaviors is beneficial for those who commonly experience weight stigma. As the article confirms, “doctors focus […]

Daniel wins the 2020 Health Psychology prize!

In a highly powered (N = 579) study, Daniel identified barriers that uniquely predict openness to going vegetarian, and focused on anticipated vegetarian stigma. Daniel designed this study with a strong theoretical foundation based on his published theory, the Unified Model of Vegetarian Identity (Rosenfeld & Burrows, 2017). In his empirical study, he found that […]