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Anti-Fat Bias is Even Prevalent Among Med Students

A recent study at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, has shown that apparently (and perhaps ironically), two medical students out of every five have an implicit anti-fat bias against people with obesity. In this study, at least 300 med school students in their third years, took a survey online, widely known as the Weight Implicit […]

Neuropsychiatric Disorders Linked to Stress During Puberty and Prenatal Insult

This study on mice revealed a relationship between prenatal infection and peripubertal stress, both previously shown in their respective ways to have a significant contribution to psychiatric disorders. Researchers found that mice with the combined environmental factors of both prenatal infection in the form of prenatal immune activation and an exposure to peripubertal stress, eventually exhibited […]

Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet

The findings of this study suggest that incorporating a Mediterranean diet could cut back the risk of getting a cardiovascular disease by up to 30%! The study was originally intended to compare those on a Mediterranean diet to those on a low-fat diet, but researchers found that people on a low-fat diet had a difficult […]

Stand up for better health!

We all know that exercise is good for us, but does the type of exercise we do influence our health? Researchers from Maastricht University, Netherlands, found that a lengthy, low-intense exercise may be more beneficial to overall health than a short, high-intense exercise. For this study, researchers assigned participants to one of three different lifestyle regime […]

Superhero Effects

Interestingly enough, this article suggests that pretending to have superhero powers could increase one’s tendency to help others. Based on this study that used “immersive virtual reality” (wearing gear and adapting roles in the form of avatars), college-level participants who had acquired avatars with superhero powers (like flying) were more helpful to others in real life than […]

Keeping track of your health: There’s an app for that!

With the constant advancement in technology, this article suggests that more people have taken advantage of their electronics and gadgets, especially with their smartphones, as a way to keep track of their health. It has become increasingly more common to download apps onto mobile devices, or use self-monitoring devices, to track personal health. And a recent […]