Bruin Plate: “Greenest Chef on the Hill”

It’s the  start of another quarter at UCLA. Buying textbooks, finalizing course schedules, and getting back into student mode can be an energy draining process. But the best part of coming back is, of course, the food! The DiSH Lab has been raving  about UCLA’s latest health-themed dining hall, Bruin Plate, and we have more to say!

However, this time is not so much about the tasty and nutritious food, but more about the person in the kitchen, Executive Chef Kevin Aiello! Chef Kevin Aiello commutes to UCLA from Manhattan Beach every day on his “Ferrari Red” electric bike- taking him as long as 40 minutes each route. Why? Aiello, 50, a father of two, was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. For a diabetic, daily exercise and a healthy diet is super important, so Aiello didn’t hesitate on a opportunity to better his health as well as to save money. So a perfect way to start the quarter is to join Chef Aiello and ditch the cars to bike or walk to school.

Read more about Kevin Aiello’s story here.


Executive Chef Kevin Aiello and his electric bike