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Angela at #APS14SF

What is DiSH lab doing this weekend? Some of our team traveled north to San Francisco, CA to attend the Association for Psychological Sciences 26th Annual Convention. As part of a fun foodie symposium focused on challenging lay theories about eating, Angela C. Incollingo Belsky gave a talk titled Profiling personalities of long-term calorie restrictions: Why dieting may […]

National News Coverage on DiSH Research!

What’s all the buzz about? Our fabulous DiSH lab team: Dr. T and Grad student Jeff Hunger! The recent publication of their article “Weight Labeling and Obesity: A Longitudinal Study of Girls Aged 10 to 19 Years” captured the attention of major news outlets from all around the world.  Huffington Post, Healthfinder, Yahoo News India, LA Times, […]

Total Wellness: “In The Pursuit of Bodily Perfection”

We strive for perfection, especially with regards to our body for many reasons: to be flawless, to be loved, and to be socially included. But what happens when the strive to be perfect has a negative cost on our physical and mental health? Allison Newell, one of our fabulous DiSH RAs, wrote the cover story for the newest […]

Bruin Plate: “Greenest Chef on the Hill”

It’s the  start of another quarter at UCLA. Buying textbooks, finalizing course schedules, and getting back into student mode can be an energy draining process. But the best part of coming back is, of course, the food! The DiSH Lab has been raving  about UCLA’s latest health-themed dining hall, Bruin Plate, and we have more to […]

SF, Get Ready for DiSH Lab!

The DiSH lab team traveled up to San Francisco this Wednesday to attend the American Psychosomatic Society (APS) 72nd annual scientific meeting! DiSH lab grad student, Laura Finch, presented a poster on “Emotional Eating Behaviors Buffers Psychological Stress in Black and White Girls” on Thursday. And our DiSH lab’s manager and incoming student, Angela Incollingo Belsky, will […]

To Juice or Not To Juice?

The juice cleanse craze is crazier than ever! Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Beyoncé (just to name a few), college students, and health advocators are all promoting it. Nonetheless, juicing is a controversial topic, with many pros and cons. But DiSH lab is ready to dig through literatures to find out all we […]

DiSH Lab Taking Over the SPSP Preconference!

The DiSH lab is extremely excited to be attending the Fifteenth Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) this February 13th-15th, 2014 in Austin, Texas! The Social, Personality, and Health Network Preconference today will cover various topics regarding physiological and health effects on emotions, stress, attitudes and behaviors, as well as […]

We’ve Joined Twitter!

Yes! DiSH lab finally joined the Twitter craze and set up our official account! We are extremely excited to reach out to the vast population and continue our goal to promote health and education. We will be sending out tweets about new blog posts, fun health tips, and interesting research findings! If you have any suggestions for someone […]

Food Explorations: Bruin Plate

A couple months back, we posted a blog about Bruin Plate, the newest and largest dining hall at UCLA. The DiSH Lab is in full support of a health-themed dining hall, especially one that promotes and educates students about the importance of incorporating nutrient-packed superfoods into their daily diets. But is the food being served […]

Is Eating More Psychological Than Biological?

A recent article in UCLA’s Total Wellness Magazine titled “Mind Over Stomach: The Psychology of Eating,” discusses various ways that our environment influences how much we earn and drink. As it turns out, our physiological drive is not the only powerhouse controlling our stomach. Environmental, social, and perceptual factors such as music, family, and plate […]