DiSH-ing what’s up!

As the DiSH Lab finishes up it’s second full quarter here at UCLA, we have some exciting announcements:

First, major props to all Dr. T’s Health Psychology students who did guest blog posts. We’ve gotten so many entries that we’ll keep posting more in the coming months. Second, WELCOME to the new DiSH Lab RAs: Allison, Bernice, Elaine, Gloria, Gurleen, Lauren, Megan, Rishi, Ryan, and Vivianne! They will be joining Michelle, our current [awesome] RA, and we are really thrilled to have such a promising research team for next quarter’s studies. Finally, the DiSH Lab is going to start practicing what it preaches, so starting this Spring, we are instituting stand-up lab meetings! Since word on the street is that “sedentariness is the new smoking”, we’re going to stand up for good health, like Michelle’s blog post suggested.