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Let’s Brag on UCLA’s Healthy Dining Hall

The DiSH Lab is thrilled that UCLA is opening Bruin Plate, one of the nation’s first health-themed dining facilities. At Bruin Plate, students can find a variety of ultra nutritious “super foods” like kale, mizuna, and (MY FAVORITE) quinoa! This dining hall is not only health-focused… the menu looks amazing. On top of all that, Bruin […]

Spotlight Series: Traci Mann

Here we go with another Collaborator Spotlight: Dr. Mann has deep roots in the DiSH Lab Family Tree. Not only was she Dr. Tomiyama’s graduate mentor, her friendship and professional collaborations with Dr. Andrew Ward go all the way back to their grad school days at Stanford. On top of that, the DiSH Lab’s grad student Britt […]

De-gendering eating disorders… round 2!

Read this sentence, “The victim of sexual harassment also had a history of eating disorders.” I bet you thought the “victim” was a woman. Despite society’s tendency to associate sexual harassment and eating disorders with women, these are not purely “female” issues, a topic that our blog has covered before in this previous post. There […]

Introducing our Spotlight series! Andrew Ward

The DiSH Lab is so fortunate to collaborate with an awesome group of faculty and students from around the world and various disciplines. We want our readers to get to know them too through mini Q & A’s! To start it off, here is our spotlight on Dr. Andrew Ward: Dr. Ward is the chair […]

For UCLA Students Interested in Social Psychology!

Throughout the Winter and Spring quarter, the DiSH Lab has had the awesome opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Andrew Ward, Chair of Swarthmore College Psychology Department, during his sabbatical at UCLA. Now undergrads can take advantage of his time here too as Dr. Ward is teaching Social Psychology (Psychology 135) for Summer Session A, June […]

Dr T says: “If shaming reduced obesity, there would be no fat people”

Back in December, Daniel Callahan published his piece “Obesity: Chasing an Elusive Epidemic” where he made the controversial suggestion that stigmatization of the overweight/obesity will ease the “obesity epidemic”. As you may know, the DiSH Lab strongly promotes weight acceptance, and much of our current research investigates the detrimental physical and psychological effects of exposure […]

TOMORROW! Instant Recess!

To memorialize the untimely passing of one of the DiSH Lab’s heroes Toni Yancey, tomorrow May 7th at 1pm PDT (4 m EDT) we will join in a nationwide 10-minute instant recess. At UCLA, you can meet up with us at the CHS courtyard, but wherever you are, this is a wonderful way to honor […]

Binge Eating Biology

We often blame societal pressure, advertisements, magazines, and beauty campaigns for the fact that eating disorders are more common among women than men. It turns out, however, that biology may also be a culprit of this discrepancy, at least when it comes to binge eating. Although it is difficult, or even impossible, to nullify societal […]

Shedding pounds in your sleep?

With obesity being such a hot topic for clinicians, researchers, and the general public, everyone is trying to identify successful weight-loss techniques. The University of Pennsylvania just published a surprising finding that increasing hours of sleep may actually decrease the prevalence of obesity among adolescents. This longitudinal study  followed 1000 adolescents throughout their four years in […]