DiSH Lab at Cerritos College Psychology Day!

One of our awesome RAs, Nancy Gomez, presented a poster on an independent project she’s been working hard on for the past year with Dr. T. Nancy previously attended Cerritos College before transferring to UCLA, and she also participated in our first-ever NSF Summer Intensive program in 2016!

Here’s what she had to say: “The annual Psychology Day Conference at Cerritos College was a big success! This day couldn’t have been done without the support of the psychology club members, former alumni, and faculty, as well as our keynote speakers: Dr. Tomiyama (UCLA) and Dr. Cortea-Chavez (CSULB). This big event is an opportunity to network with professors and alumni from different psychology fields during the research poster sessions, alumni panels, guest speakers, and social hour at a community college. I’ve had the opportunity to present twice (my Cerritos College research and current UCLA research project) and enjoy every minute of it because of the students’ enthusiasm. Students were curious about my research from a prestigious university and they felt motivated to pursue a research project of their own! Also, Dr. Tomiyama’s presentation was a success! Her talk about the negative consequences of weight stigma was interesting and engaging (I thought I knew most of the topic, but I was wrong, I keep learning something new). After her presentation, students came to me because most were shy to talk to her. Many seemed interested in the DiSH Summer Intensive Program and were asking for advice and information in applying. We hope to continue this in the near future as it is a great learning experience for all and helps you be prepared for the big conferences (APA and WPA).”

As Nancy mentioned, Dr. T was also a keynote speaker at the conference. We’re so happy that many of the students were excited by the research we do here, and we hope to see some of them in our summer intensive program this year!