UCLA Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference (PURC) 2018

UCLA’s annual PURC conference was held this past Friday, May 4, and as always we had several of our RAs representing the DiSH Lab! They did an amazing job and we’re so proud of them for all the hard work they put into their projects and posters this year.

Sophie, Charles, and Will, who work with our graduate student Laura Finch, presented a poster titled: “Can Pavlovian Conditioning Promote Healthy Comfort Eating and its Capacity to Improve Mood?”

Left to right: Sophie, Charles, Will, & Dr. T

Emma and Tanvi, who work with our graduate student Jenna Cummings, presented a poster titled: “An allele regulating the endogenous opioid system does not correlate with reward-related eating”

Left to right: Emma, Dr. T, & Tanvi

Nancy, who works with Dr. T, presented a poster titled: “Mass Media and the Imperfect Mirror of Body Image: The Media’s Role in Promoting Positive Body Image”

Left to right: Dr. T & Nancy