Can losing Z’s lead to more lbs?

This post is from DiSH Lab intern Nick:

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead” is a common motto for the workaholics and late-sleepers of today’s society, but lack of sleep may be more detrimental than originally thought. In a sleep restriction study, researchers from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania investigated implications of lack of sleep. The study comprised of 225 healthy adults randomly assigned to either a sleep-restricted group or a control group. Each subject was restricted from exercising and was only allowed to perform stationary activities such as reading and watching TV. After 18 days, results showed an overall increase in a subject’s caloric intake due to a rise in high-fat meals consumed during extended sleeplessness. Males gained more weight than females, and African Americans were more prone to weight gain than Caucasians. This research gives more support for the role of sleep in weight regulation, similar to Angela’s previous post “Shedding pounds in your sleep?