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Put down that not-so-smartphone!

This post is from DiSH Intern Rachel: Why leave the couch when you’ve got all you needs on your “smartphone”? With the ever-present temptation of new smartphone technology, it can be difficult to remember the basics of exercise and nutrition. A recent study at Kent State University showed a strong correlation between phone usage and fit lifestyles. […]

Hungry? How to avoid the Snickers…

This post is from DiSH Lab intern Rachel: Your finals week Snickers bar craving may not be purely from stress. While typical comfort foods are characterized as high in fat and calories and low in nutrition, a recent study from right here at UCLA shines a new light on “stress eating.” The study recruited 59 UCLA students, presenting […]

Can losing Z’s lead to more lbs?

This post is from DiSH Lab intern Nick: “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” is a common motto for the workaholics and late-sleepers of today’s society, but lack of sleep may be more detrimental than originally thought. In a sleep restriction study, researchers from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania investigated implications of lack of sleep. […]

Chatting Away That Extra Weight!

This post is from DiSH Lab intern Rachel: The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)’s group telephone sessions were originally for individuals wanting to lose weight to prevent diabetes. But a recent study at SUNY Upstate Medical University found that these sessions are effective with other groups as well, particularly obese patients suffering from metabolic syndrome. Metabolic […]

Turning virtual weight loss into reality

This post is from DiSH Lab intern Nick: We often associate technology, especially video games, with unhealthy behavior and laziness, essentially leading to obesity. However, researchers at Temple University’s Center for Obesity Research and Education have found a way to use technology  to instill healthy eating behaviors and habits. In this recent study, the team […]