Food Explorations: Bruin Plate

A couple months back, we posted a blog about Bruin Plate, the newest and largest dining hall at UCLA. The DiSH Lab is in full support of a health-themed dining hall, especially one that promotes and educates students about the importance of incorporating nutrient-packed superfoods into their daily diets. But is the food being served actually up to par? Healthier food choices definitely benefit the body, but they don’t always satisfy the taste buds. To answer this question, Dr. T recently made a trip to Bruin Plate and took the liberty of taking some photos (see below) of her meal and shared her overall dining experience with us.

“ It was amazing – huge floor to ceiling windows that overlooked greenery made things peaceful; so many foods that I wanted to try and couldn’t, including a luscious-looking vegan brownie, yummy soups, and many things with avocado in them!”

“I got to meet the Executive Chef Kevin Aiello, who recently visited Alice Water’s kitchen at Chez Panisse to learn about sourcing and cooking fresh materials in a delicious way”

-Dr. T



Bison slider with pickled onions, blackberries, and gorgonzola cheese

Salad with their most popular dressing: Kale vinaigrette
Swiss chard, quinoa, and green beans