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Stories from Sao Paolo

In late May, I went to Sao Paolo, Brazil, to learn about nutrition in Brazil. Sao Paolo, or Sampa as Brazilians call it, is a giant city rampant with crime and poverty – a city where the gap between the haves and the have-nots is very large. The wealthy travel in helicopters to avoid crime […]

Human fasting affects hyena diets too?

In a fun/crazy study, scientists showed that when human diets change, like when fasting for Lent, so too do other animals’ diets – like Spotted Hyenas! “Before Lent, 14.8% of hyena droppings contained donkey hairs, during Lent this increased to 33.1%, falling again to 22.2% once the fast was over.” According to the scientists, “Our study […]

Diet books dumped outside of UK Parliament

In a movement called Ditching Dieting, last month protesters dumped hundreds of dieting books into a toxic waste bin outside the United Kingdom parliament. It’s related with an ongoing parliamentary inquiry into body image in the UK. Here is the Washington Post’s coverage of the story, and you can find information on Ditching Dieting here.

New DiSH Lab study published!

Have you ever wondered why people reach for high fat, sweet food when they’re stressed? It’s because it works! In a new study by the DiSH Lab and collaborators now covered in the press, we report findings that  very highly stressed women who have high abdominal fat actually have LOWER reactivity to stress, most likely […]

It’s about Fit, not Fat!

A new study has just come out indicating that your mortality risk goes down if you maintain or increase your physical fitness level. That’s pretty intuitive, but the surprising good news is that this is true regardless of what you weigh. In other words, it’s not about losing weight – if you want to decrease […]