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Get the most out of your flu shot

This year’s flu is touted to be particularly severe, which is all the more reason why you should consider getting the vaccination. And if you want to make sure your flu shot is maximally effective, here are a couple new findings that offer some promising advice: Researchers from Iowa State University found that people who went […]

Choose your words carefully!

Published this morning, this PLOS Blogs Public Health post highlights a really important issue in healthcare and interventions. The post discusses how the very language we use to refer to a group of people can be inherently stigmatizing, even if our actions and intentions are to help those people. Most notably, instead of saying an “X […]

Being honest about why we diet…

New Years has just passed, which means that most likely, at least a handful of people you know have resolved to lose weight in 2013. While many people may say their weight loss efforts are aimed at improving health, this awesome op-ed piece by Abigail Saguy discusses all the reasons why health is not the primary […]

Fructose vs. Glucose in your brain

Fructose and glucose sound pretty similar, and both even taste sweet, but it turns that they affect your brain in very different ways. This new study from Yale University examined the individual effects of fructose and glucose by conudcting MRI scans after ingestion of each sugar. The results revealed that glucose led to much greater reduction […]

Longterm benefits of being overweight

It’s a pretty common belief nowadays that being overweight is unhealthy. But a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, analyzing over 100 studies encompassing nearly 3 million people, made surprising discovery: “Overweight” people (as measured by the BMI scale) actually have a lower mortality risk than those whose BMI falls in the […]

Cut the cars along with the carbs?

This study from the University of Illinois approached obesity interventions from a new angle, suggesting that perhaps reducing daily automobile travel can be as effective as restricting calorie intake. A multivariable model predicting BMI from calories consumed and miles driven projects that if adults drove just one mile less each day, this decrease could have significant […]

Withdrawal and depression from… dieting?

Just published today from the University of Montreal, this mouse study found that eating a high fat, sugary diet can actually change the neurochemistry of the brain, including the production of dopamine and the stress hormone corticosterone. These changes can lead to withdrawal-type symptoms and depression if sugary and fatty foods are removed from the diet. […]

The memory of eating vs. reality of eating

It might seem intuitive that hours after eating, hunger should be a function of how much you ate. However, this cool eating study found the opposite: 2-3 hours after eating a bowl of soup, participants felt less hungry if they had seen an image of a large bowl of soup (versus a smaller bowl) before eating. […]

Is Dieting Worth the Trouble?

Just posted today, Dr. T collaborated with Britt Ahlstrom and Traci Mann on this article in the Huffington Post, “Is Dieting Worth the Trouble?” Their op-ed piece talks about the failure of the recent large dieting study, and what it exactly means for a diet to “succeed” or “fail.”

Emotional perks of… vegetables?

This fascinating study recently published in Public Health and Nutrition found that vegetables have much more than just a nutritional impact on a meal. The results show that meals were rated more favorably when a vegetable was included. Even cooler is that the person who made the meal was also more consistently rated as “thoughtful,” “attentive,” and […]