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The Health Halo

Organic products may make us feel healthier, but that’s not all they can influence. This awesome food study from Cornell University tested what is now known as the “health halo” to see if people would rate the SAME foods differently just based on an organic label versus a regular label. With Brian Wansink on the […]

A Rising Star Among Us!

The Association for Psychological Science Observer just published its 2013 Rising Stars, and guess who’s on it! Dr. T discusses her research interests, her biggest influences, and even talks about her favorite publication. Check it out here.

Isaac Guest Blogs: Are final exams bad for our health?

The Guest Blog Post is from Isaac Park, one of Dr. T’s Health Psych Students: Finals are almost here at UCLA, and this is a hectic time when everyone’s diet, exercise regimen, and healthy lifestyle initiatives take a tailspin. This recent study investigated just this, looking at the effects of academic stress on health behavior in […]

Take a deep breath

Stress is a pivotal component of the DiSH Lab’s research (the “S” after all does stand for “stress”). Measuring physical stress, however, can be a complicated process, as the most common methods – saliva, blood, and hair – all involve biological sample collection, storage, and [oftentimes expensive] assays. Good news is that new research from […]

DiSH-ing what’s up!

As the DiSH Lab finishes up it’s second full quarter here at UCLA, we have some exciting announcements: First, major props to all Dr. T’s Health Psychology students who did guest blog posts. We’ve gotten so many entries that we’ll keep posting more in the coming months. Second, WELCOME to the new DiSH Lab RAs: Allison, […]

The DiSH Lab on UCLA Today

In the recent article “Psychology lab ponders why diets don’t work“, UCLA Today covers the DiSH Lab’s main research topics, what we are interested in studying, and where our research is headed right now.

Diet drinks with liquor, you’ll get sicker…

There are several rules of thumb for mitigating intoxication when consuming alcohol that focus on what alcohol you’re drinking. But new research from Northern Kentucky University reveals that what you mix your alcohol with can also be a significant factor. A comparison of breath alcohol concentrations (BrAC) after consuming a mix of alcohol and either […]

Facts from fiction in the obesity hype

In our society so focused on battling the “obesity epidemic”, here is an article that everyone should read before making any presumptions or judgements about weight and obesity. The authors debunk several myths about obesity regarding weight loss maintenance, weight loss goals, breast feeding, and sexual activity. They also touch on breakfast, childhood habits, fruit and […]

Tracing obesity to even before birth

With “curing” the “obesity epidemic” on the forefront of much of today’s health research, this new finding from Berlin published in PLOS ONE suggests that the mother’s lifestyle during pregnancy can have huge implications for the child’s weight throughout life. Specifically, researchers found that mothers’ overweight/obesity, over-nutrition, and lack of exercise may lead to high birthweight. High […]